St Paddy’s Day 2014

So one year on from Monaco I was on the other side of the world ready to celebrate another St Paddy’s Day.  This time in Nelson on the south island in New Zealand.

I was with my old pal Robin O’Farrell-Bridger and his girlfriend Kana who was now the other half of Robin’s band Whiskey Priest.

They had three gigs to perform today.  Sadly that meant that drinking would be restricted for them.  We were heading for the Prince Albert first.  hen onto The Vic at lunchtime and finally to Liquid club on Bridge Street.  This was going to be a long day.

Whiskey PriestLuckily I had a few pints to keep me company.  But there wasn’t going to be the same level of drinking I had enjoyed the year before.

New Zealand: Backpacker be warned, the lackpacker is here

In June 2011 I wrote a blog about the different breeds of backpacker.  I talked about the flashpacker, backpacker and of course the slackpacker.

Just over 2 years on from this I have noticed a new breed of backpacker.  I’ve called this type the lackpacker.  I’m here in New Zealand myself, not as a backpacker this time.  I am here hoping that I can settle here for good when I find a job.  But more on that in another post. Continue reading

Travel Tips: Best seat in the sky

You’re booking your next long haul flight and you’ve come to the option to choose your seat.  So how do you know which seat is best for what you want?I personally prefer an aisle seat so that I can get my hand luggage quickly, get to the toilet without having to wake up or climb over anyone.  I also want to get off the flight as quickly as possible so I always select the seat closest to the front in my cabin area. Continue reading

Monaco: Day 17 of 17 Happy St Paddy’s Day

I decide to go and look for breakfast.  I find a cafe called Caffe Due Merli Savona in a small street near a church and escape from the rain in there.  I order a latte and two croissants with a marmalade filling.  Well, this is how the lady describes it, but to me it tastes like apricot rather than the orange I am used to. Continue reading

Italy: Day 16 of 17: Genoa a good place for a drink?

In the morning I speak briefly to Win and then she leaves before me.  I Look at the very limited free breakfast and decide a cup of tea will be enough for me.  My bus to get me back to Rimini leaves at 1030am.  I ask the guy in the Hostel San Marino to point to the bus stop so that I find it quickly.  I start to get a bit worried when the bus doesn’t show after 15 minutes.  A few minutes later I am happy to get on it.  It’s got quite a few locals on it (Russians).  We get to the train station on time which is good news for me as I want to go to the cash machine again. Continue reading