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Eat healthy while you travel

One of the things I find most difficult when exploring is to eat healthy while you travel. A balanced nutritional diet is fairly important to keep your energy levels up and brain active.

A farmers market in Santa Monica

The problem wasn’t always the cost of buying the food, other things like storing fresh food and sourcing it in some places could prevent me from making better food choices. Continue reading Eat healthy while you travel

Reef encounter of the burnt kind

Today it was very hot. Certainly over 30C I would say. I had a few things to do in the morning before a meeting with my mate Monique in the afternoon. Nick arrived back from Kuranda at around 1730, the girls from the reef shortly after.

Nick, Emily and Hayley in a black and white photoNick seemed to have enjoyed his day out. The girls both looked like they had caught the sun and kept it. Hence the black and white photo. It was aloe vera all the way before we headed to the Green Ant for a few cold beers and some tasty food.

The beers helped to cool things down a bit. But the girls were really giving it the lobster look and the locals noticed. Not to worry I had been in their position quite a few times on my visits to Australia. It was the public retribution from the locals that was hard to take.

Baking heat by the pool at Travellers Oasis

They knew all too well how dangerous the UV rays of the sun were. They had this drummed into them with their TV campaigns in the 70s , 80s and so on. Every year they would see the same pasty Europeans arrive and get toasted in a few hours or less in the baking sun.

The run that almost killed me

So after a late night out there’s nothing better than a 4 or 5 km run along the Cairns esplanade. Well that’s only according to Rachel, who happens to be a PE teacher. Physical education is the one thing I’m not craving today. I am eventually persuaded that it will make me feel a lot better.

The beautiful lagoon in Cairns

Me, Rachel and Alisdair go for it.  I forget my ipod and to warm up before I run.  It has been almost 3 years since I last did this.  The run does make me feel better though. But not before it makes me feel worse than I’ve felt in a while. It isn’t too busy along the esplanade so not too many people are witness to my hopeless efforts. We stop at some of the exercise points along the way to use the outdoor equipment.

At least the weather has stayed good. The only drink I’m fit for is a large helping of water. But I do honestly feel good now after my body gets used to it again. I am sure I’ll end up with aching leg muscles tomorrow.

Back at the hostel we relax in the loungers by the pool and try not to get too burnt. I eventually decide to get out of the sun and hide in a hammock under the shade of the palms.

Coming face to face with Franz Josef

What a stinking hangover I have today. Serves me right though for drinking too much beer the night before. It took me a while to drag myself from bed, have a shower and finally eat some food.

I spent most of the day recovering and at almost the last minute realised that I still hadn’t seen the Franz Josef glacier. I promptly booked myself on the last bus to car-park near the walking path. The bus got there at around 5pm, and the driver said we had an hour before it got too dark.

The walk to the near the base of the glacier was just over 2 kilometres and would take around 35 minutes each way unless I walked fast. People who know me also know that you don’t have to ask me twice to walk fast. It comes naturally growing up in a city built on hills.

We arrived and I started to walk quite quickly through the forest area. Then I got to a large open rocky area surround by hills and the glacier directly in front. I managed to do the walk in a total of 45 minutes both ways. Even having time to stop and take pictures and some short video clips. It was bitterly cold here, but it looked spectacular.

Me with Franz Josef Glacier behind me

When I got back I decided to treat myself to some bacon sandwiches. Very tasty after a long walk, but probably not the healthiest option.

Then I called it a night as I was off to the pancake rocks the next day.