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Ryanair are back in my travel plans

It’s been a while since I had chosen Ryanair as a travel option. Almost thirteen years to be precise. But in August 2015 I decided to see how true they were being to their change in customer service policy. They had started using the slogan ‘Always getting better’.

As a former consumer journalist I had heard many nightmare stories about the airline, which had promoted me to vote with my wallet and choose other airlines. More expensive, but money wasn’t my most important consideration, customer service trumped that.

In late August I booked a return flight from Bristol to Dublin. I arrived on time and was pleasantly surprised that we weren’t being herded onto the aircraft like cattle, it all seemed fairly well organised with staff being cordial and friendly with passengers.

The flight to Dublin arrived on time. I was impressed, but I still had to make my return leg 2 days later.

A week before I had been on a BA flight to Edinburgh from London Heathrow. Now this is important because of the timing. That flight left at 0705. For the return leg of my Ryanair flight I had glanced at my boarding pass on my phone and had spotted 0635 on it. Very stupidly I assumed this was the gate closing time.


I woke up the next morning to catch the 6am shuttle bus from the Hilton close to the Airport which would take less than 10 minutes. Just as the shuttle bus pulled up near terminal one I took a look at my electronic boarding pass again. It was 0608. I then noticed that the 0635 was the departure time for the flight. I though “shit, I’ve missed this flight, which will mean losing a costly day of work and the addition of an expensive flight to get myself back”.

I ran up the stair and fully expected the electronic gate to stop me as it was past closing time for the gate. It allowed me to pass. Stupidly I waited in a security queue instead of asking to skip past. It was 0617 by the time I was through. I was now sure that I had missed my flight, and to make it worse, it was departing from a new extension to the terminal which was a bit of a trek.

I ran to gate 107 and noticed there was no one there apart from one guy with a yellow high visibility bib. I asked if I had missed the flight. He looked up and said “no, we were just wondering where you’d got to”. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Helpful staff at Ryanair

When I got on the full flight I noticed that there was no luggage space near my seat row. Two flight attendants helpfully moved a few bags  around and put my bag up above me. Excellent service.

So that was my day of actual conversion. Since then I have taken another Ryanair flight and been very impressed with they service. They really are getting much better.

Travel Tips: Best seat in the sky

You’re booking your next long haul flight and you’ve come to the option to choose your seat.  So how do you know which is best for you? I personally prefer an aisle as that suits me best when getting off a flight quickly. I can also get to the toilet without having to wake up or climb over anyone.  To speed things up I always select the seat closest to the front in my cabin area which I am happy to pay extra for. Continue reading Travel Tips: Best seat in the sky

Greece: Day 13 of 17 I can’t get no sleep

At 0330 I think everyone in the hostel was woken by a very noisy and drunk group of 32 who are staying here.  I don’t mind this if it only goes on for a few minutes, but this lasted almost an hour.  Then to add to that the person sleeping below me arrived.  Some ex military US fella.  He was hammered, and although not too noisy added to the problems getting sleep.  And to boot the Danish old man woke a few times in the night sounding like he was about to die clearing this throat. Continue reading Greece: Day 13 of 17 I can’t get no sleep

Greece: Day 12 of 17 After the lightning it’s time to go

So time for another flight.  This time it’s a trip to Greece.  I grab an early morning chance to get some pictures in the city Centre.  I am planning to meet Ardian if I can contact him by Skype later today.  It’s sunny this morning.  My flight doesn’t leave until the late afternoon so I have some time in Tirana to have a proper look around.
Continue reading Greece: Day 12 of 17 After the lightning it’s time to go