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Eat healthy while you travel

One of the things I find most difficult when exploring is to eat healthy while you travel. A balanced nutritional diet is fairly important to keep your energy levels up and brain active.

A farmers market in Santa Monica

The problem wasn’t always the cost of buying the food, other things like storing fresh food and sourcing it in some places could prevent me from making better food choices. Continue reading Eat healthy while you travel

Taking on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

It was a crisp Sunday morning at Tongariro National Park.  I was up early to catch my transfer bus to the carpark at the start of the one day tramp across the Tongariro Pass.

Before I hopped on the bus I started a conversation with a fellow countryman from Cork.   Continue reading Taking on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

New Zealand: Backpacker be warned, the lackpacker is here

In June 2011 I wrote a blog about the different breeds of backpacker.  I talked about the flashpacker, backpacker and of course the slackpacker.

Just over 2 years on from this I have noticed a new breed of backpacker.  I’ve called this type the lackpacker.  I’m here in New Zealand myself, not as a backpacker this time.  I am here hoping that I can settle here for good when I find a job.  But more on that in another post. Continue reading New Zealand: Backpacker be warned, the lackpacker is here

Back to Cairns for Halloween Night!

Up far too early today to catch my flight from Auckland to Cairns. It’s 430am or 0130am in Cairns, so I have a long day ahead of me. Luckily the airport shuttle appears on time and I’m at the airport 90 minutes before my flight is due to leave. Just time for a shower and breakfast in the lounge for the last time as I haven’t flown enough this year and will lose my frequent flyer status.

Me with a halloween mask and a dagger in handThe flight can’t end soon enough as I am keen to get back to see all my friends in Cairns.  Kerri is there to collect me at the airport when I arrive. It is so nice to see her smiling face again. Twenty minutes later and I am back home in Travellers Oasis again.

I move to room 19 and put my stuff near my bed. At lunchtime me and Kerri go into town to grab a few things for Halloween. I get a half mask and some kind of axe thing. Then it’s time to get off to the BBQ at Tropic Days.

Another great evening at the BBQ with a Halloween theme at Tropic Days. I am so knackered by now that I decide I really can’t stay up any longer and decide to call it a night.