Monaco: Day 17 of 17 Happy St Paddy’s Day

I decide to go and look for breakfast.  I find a cafe called Caffe Due Merli Savona in a small street near a church and escape from the rain in there.  I order a latte and two croissants with a marmalade filling.  Well, this is how the lady describes it, but to me it tastes like apricot rather than the orange I am used to.

It only costs me three euros, which I think is a bargain.  It’s raining heavily now.  I dash back to the Manena hostel and pack my things.  I then venture out into the freezing rain.  It’s a horrible miserable day for travel.  Luckily it’s only 3 hours to Monaco provided the rubbish Italian rail network copes with the weather.

I get to the border at Ventimiglia a few minutes late and run to platform 1 to get the French train to Monaco.  This leaves on time and I reach Monacco happy apart from the fact that it’s still raining outside.

I leave from the top exit of the train station and then discover my hotel is near the lower exit after speaking to a policeman.  I descend below the station and exit onto a street.  My GPS is playing up so I have to guess a bit.  This works and I find my hotel and check in.  This is luxury compared to what I’ve had for quite a few of the past 16 nights.

It’s St Paddy’s Day so I put on some green and find McCarthy’s Irish pub near the marina.  It’s just reopened after renovations.  It stinks of paint.  The Guinness isn’t cheap either at €7 a pint.  I have a nice burger with chips for €15.  Monaco is expensive.  There are plenty who can afford this here though.  I get chatting to an Aussie who is now a resident here.  James is easy going and seems to like it here, and be well connected.

Me and the girls in my hotel reception in Monaco

Later we’re joined by three girls from England who are here visiting friends for the week.  I meet Lisa, her sister Annwen and Kim.  It’s a good night of conversation and craic, although there are a few blokes here trying to pull the girls.  In the end they fail to get what they’re looking for.  These are respectable ladies.

The girls say they’ll walk back with me to the Ambassador Hotel.  It’s raining a bit, but I don’t think any of us care.  It’s been a good night.  We reach the hotel and I say goodnight to the girls as they jump in a cab.  I am well and truly finished, and even a tiny bit drunk.  I will sleep well tonight thanks to that Guinness.

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