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La la la la la. It’s LA!

London was now almost 12 hours flying time from where I had just landed. So here I was landing in the lovely sunshine in my least favourite airport in the USA.  I had arrived after my long but comfortable flight with Air New Zealand in Los Angeles.

I just had to find a Super Shuttle to get me to the Venice Beach Cotel.  Where I had stayed a few times before and was planning to stay at again.

View of the palm trees and clear blue sky on Venice Beach LA

It didn’t take long to grab one.  I just hoped that I wouldn’t have to spend too much time on this bus as I was almost ready for a very long sleep.  Luckily I was the 2nd person to be dropped off so didn’t have to endure a guided tour of downtown LA. I had been downtown and wasn’t a bog fan. I much preferred to stay near Santa Monica and Venice where I could see some quirky stuff on my doorstep.

I checked in and put my things in my room. I was now a bit hungry and very tired so  I had something to eat in a cafe around the corner. I went back to the Cotel and got into bed to enjoy a well deserved rest.  I had big plans for tomorrow.

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