St Paddys Day 2014 in Nelson, New Zealand

So one year on from Monaco I was on the other side of the world ready to celebrate another St Paddys Day.  This time in Nelson on the south island in New Zealand.

Robin and Kana playing at the pub on St Paddys Day

I was with my old pal Robin O’Farrell-Bridger and his girlfriend Kana who was now the other half of Robin’s band Whiskey Priest.

They had three gigs to perform today.  Sadly that meant that drinking would be restricted for them.  We were heading for the Prince Albert first, then onto The Vic at lunchtime and finally to Liquid Club on Bridge Street.  This was going to be a long day.

Luckily I had a few pints to keep me company.  The sun was shining in the beer garden and people were appreciating the music, but it was still a bit early for the Kiwis to celebrate St Paddys Day.

Things got a little more lively at the next pub in the centre of Nelson, The Vic. Here there were plenty of people dressed in green nursing a pint of the black stuff. I made my best effort to get into the mood by drinking as many pints as I could. Robin and Kana were asked to play for a bit longer so we stayed an hour extra.

We had a bit of time to chill in the afternoon and then it was on to the final stop. This was Liquid Club which I had been to a few times before. I had pretty much stopped drinking here as they didn’t have Guinness on tap and I wasn’t in a mood to mix my drinks. I did hook up with a few friends who had been travelling around New Zealand. We all enjoyed the evening, but I think Kana and Robin were glad to see it all end, finally they could have at least one or two drinks before we headed back to their place.

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