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The Book

‘Blindly Going Who Knows Where?’

February 2013

Thanks for taking a look at the Blindly Going blog and taking an interest in my book. I hope you enjoy my regular travel ramblings.  I have completed the first draft of my first travel book which paints a picture of my experiences traveling around the world from early March 2010 to mid August 2010.  I just need to do a read through the book and do some editing and correction.  I also need to come up with some more chapter titles.  Then I’ll approach literary agents to see if they can find someone to publish my book.

I am hoping to have the book published by mid 2013.

In the past month I have been doing more of the factual research including the background information on the 8 temples of Angkor I visited near Siem Reap in Cambodia.

After completing this I wrote a few more chapters for the final draft, but I was stopped in my tracks when I got too caught up with work and planning my second epic trip around eastern Europe. The benefit was that I got to add a lot more blogs to Blindly Going.

I am now making plans to go to New Zealand. Considering a permanent move there, but we will wait and see what happens there.

February 2014

I’ve been in New Zealand for 5 months now and strangely not blogging. I have been working here, but that’s all about to finish. So finally I will now go and get the final draft of my book finished with a few days on the south island in my favourite rainforest in Punakaiki. This is the place where I managed to do my most productive writing. Forty thousand words in just under 5 days back in 2011. This time I will finish this. Expect to see a few more blogs coming your way very soon.

April 12th 2014

So my work is done.  Now it’s finally time to relax and enjoy my remaining few weeks in New Zealand.  I will be contacting literary agents in London to seek representation.  Fingers crossed!


Kevin McLaughlin

Previous word count: 91,090 at 10th October 2012

Completed first draft: 95,174 at 31st March 2013

Completed final draft: 99,348 at 12th April 2014

Revisited Final Draft and now completed and submission sent to literary agents 100,000+ words September 2014

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