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Where Did I Write?

I started writing the book just before I left the UK and while I was travelling, but this was difficult to do as I was also trying to make plans and it was hard to do both.  I only managed to write around 21,000 words while I was travelling from February 2010 to August 2010.

I did a little bit of tidying up and some more writing in Dublin with my friend and former work colleague Patrick Butler.  This was in a coffee shop in Dublin called the Food Gallery.  Could have done with a few more days in here.

The next time I got back to writing was on this, my second trip, around the world.  I managed to write an additional 10,000 words in Vancouver, Canada.  Most of this done in coffee shops and a lot done in the Blarney Stone Irish pub in Gastown.

I then didn’t write again until a month later in June 2011 when I got to the Punakaiki rocks on the south island of New Zealand.  I was staying at amazing place in the rainforest called Te Nikau Retreat and got 40,000 words written in 5 days, but it was tough going, and a bit lonely.

Next a long gap until I got to Thailand and Chaing Mai in early February 2012.  I had planned to finish the last 25,000 words to take me to 100,000 here.  The place I stayed at was too noisy and I couldn’t get in the right frame of mind and only got 5,500 words written in a week.

In late February I tried again at Hua Hin in Thailand, but the same issues again as Chiang Mai and in 2 days I got 7,000 words, but now it was mostly research which required a decent internet connection.  This place didn’t have one.  Only 12,500 words or in that region to write and then I will be happy.

So the plan of action is to head to Cape Clear the most westerly inhabitied island in Ireland and finish things off here.  I am planning a trip here in November 2012.

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